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Add Connection

This action allows the user to add connection between two elements specified on the parent canvas or schematic page. The function call takes in 8 arguments. Return type is a SSPResult.


SSPResult AddConnection(string parentUid, string channelFullName, string sourceUid, string targetUid, string sourcePinType, string targetPinType, string sourcePinName, string targetPinName)


  1. parentUid - The Uid of the parent canvas/Schematic onto which the plugin must be added.
  2. channelFullName- Full name of the channel with its version number (i.e., in the form of “FullName_vw.x.y.z”, where w, x, y and z are integers).
  3. sourceUid -Uid of the source element.
  4. targetUid -Uid of the target element.
  5. sourcePinType -Pin type of the source element.
  6. targetPinType -Pin type of the target element.
  7. sourcePinName -Pin name of the source element.
  8. targetPinName -Pin name of the target element.


SSPResult contains 'IsSuccess' flag and 'Message' information of the AddConnection action.

  1. IsSuccess is 'True' if the connection added successfully, else 'False'.
  2. Message contains the Success/Failure information in the form of list of string. The message information contains newly added channel uid and link uid if IsSuccess is true.

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