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Downloadable Addins Manager

SigmaStudio+ allows option to install and uninstall the addins ,which are developed and uploaded in the SigmaStudio+ addins server.The user can download the addins and use them in the SigmaStudio+.The addins manager supports browse,install and upgrade options.

It displays all the addins available in the server which supports our current sigmastudio+ version.It contains 2 options ,one is to show the installed addins and the other which show all the versions of an addins.
* Show installed plugins option will display all the addins from the server along with installed once.If not selected will display the addins which are available for download.
* Show all the versions of the addin option will display all the versions of the addin.If not selected will display only the higher version of the addins .

When an addin is selected ,all the details of the addin are displayed in the right side like description,version,author,tool version,DSP's supported and release notes with an option to install for the available addins and uninstall for the already installed addins.

  • When install is pressed,disclaimer is opened,Once this is agreed ,the license agreement of the addin is shown.If the user agrees for the license agreement ,then only the addin will be downloaded and can be used by the user.Any disagreement to the license cancels the installation of the addin.Once the addin is installed the tool box loads with new addin based on the supported dsp.Now the user can use it on the schematic.

This will display all the installed addins .The user can view the addin information on the right side of the selected addin.This also provides option to uninstall by which the addin uninstalls. When uninstall is pressed,addin uninstalls and will be no longer available for usage.

This displays any updates are available for the current installed addins .If the user wants to update ,then select the addin and click the install button.This will install the updated version of the already installed addin.

The developed addins can be uploaded to the SigmaStudio+ AddIn server and then any SigmaStudio+ user can install and uninstall the addins from the downloadable addins manager.

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