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Console Application

This feature is available from SigmaStudio+ 1.2.0

SigmaStudio+ supports Command Line application, this can be achieved using SStudio+ console application. SStudio+ console application can be used to launch the SigmaStudio+ without involving GUI and perform the actions based on the specific commands provided along the with arguments. The SStudio+ can perform several operations like LinkCompileDownoad, updating the property value, Import project and many more. SStudio+ can supports batch file execution i.e. more number of commands can be executed using batch files.

Get start with SStudio+

SStudio+ console application can be launched using windows command line. While launching the SStudio+ user should provide the command. After executing the command SStudio+ will terminated.

While launching the SStudio+ necessary commands should be provided to execute the particular action. To get the help/available command list include command “--help” as mentioned below

This command will provide all the available command list as shown below.

To display the version detail, give the command as “--version”.

To avoid terminating the SStudio+ after executing the one command, set the continue property to true as mentioned below

“-c true“ or “- -continue true”. Default this property value will be False.

Example Commands

1. Perform Link compile download:
SStudioPlus.exe lcd –p < project file path including project name >

The above command will perform link compile download for the mentioned project file and all messages are displayed.

2. Update property command:
SStudioPlus.exe update –p <project file path including project name> -n <Plugin property name> -v <Property value> -u <shape Uid> -s <save the changes true/false>

The above command will update the shape property as mentioned.

Command arguments can be provided in any order. If any single argument contains space in between, it can be mentioned inside the double quotation
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