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Console Application

This feature is available from SigmaStudio+ 1.2.0

SigmaStudio+ operations can be executed from Windows Command-line. This is achieved using SStudio+ console application. This console application can perform several operations like Link-Compile-Download a project to target platform, updating the parameters, import SigmaStudio projects and many more. SStudio+ console application also supports batch file execution (i.e., multiple of commands can be executed using a batch file).

Getting Started with SStudio+

SStudio+ console application can be executed from Windows Command-line. Use “--help” as shown below to get the help or list of available commands. All the available commands will be listed as shown below.

SStudio+ terminates after executing every command. To avoid terminating the SStudio+ after each command, set the continue property to true as shown below:

-c true“ or “--continue true”. Default value of this property will be 'False'.

Example Commands

1. Perform Link-Compile-Download

SStudioPlusConsole.exe lcd –p < project file path including project name >

SStudioPlusConsole.exe lcd -p C:\Users\Test_01.ssprj --continue true

The above command will open the project file, perform link-compile-download and display all the messages on the console.

2. Update Property:

SStudioPlusConsole.exe update –p <project file path including project name> -n <Plugin property name> -v <Property value> -u <shape Uid> -s <save the changes true/false>

SStudioPlusConsole.exe update -p C:\Users\Test_01.ssprj -n DCValue -u DCInput_0 -v 5 -s true --continue true

The above command will update the DCValue on DCInput_0 to 5.

Command arguments can be provided in any order. If any single argument contains space in between, it can be mentioned inside the double quotation
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