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Alias pins

To organize your project visually, it often helps to create an alias to provide a clear connective reference (a “jump”) in the signal flow in the schematic. An Alias consists of a pair of alias input and alias output blocks. Using alias blocks can reduce the visual clutter in the schematic window created by long wire connections.
To create an alias, press the ctrl key and right-click on a block's output/input pin and the pins would get created as shown in the image below.
When you click Alias, two blocks appear, input and output. The alias input is automatically connected to source block's output pin internally. Next, create a wire from the alias output block (Alias output in the example below) to the signal destination(Mute block).

Note: Using an alias is functionally equivalent to connecting two pins with a wire. The signal flow in the example below is identical to the alias example above.

Multiple Alias Output pins for the same Alias Input

It is possible to have multiple output alias pins created from the same Alias Input pin by simply following the below steps.

  1. Right click on Alias Input block
  2. Choose “Add Alias Output” from the context menu.

The equivalent schematic is as shown below.

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