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typedef struct __SSnProperties{ int32_t bSSnUpdate; 
                                uint32_t nSSnCodeSize; 
                                uint32_t nStatusField; 
                                uint32_t nSSBlockSize; 
                                uint32_t nSSInChannels; 
                                uint32_t nSSOutChannels; 
                              } ADI_SS_SSNPROPERTIES;

The structure ADI_SS_SSNPROPERTIES holds the current state and other properties of SigmaStudio+.

• bSSnUpdate This field indicates whether the SigmaStudio+ process code is currently being updated. This field has a value 1 if the code is being updated and 0 otherwise.
• nSSnCodeSize Size of the SigmaStudio process function generated by the SigmaStudio Host based on the Schematic.
• nStatusField This indicates the current status of the SS+.
• nSSBlockSize This indicates the current BlockSize used by the SS+.
• nSSInChannels This indicates the number of input channels used in the SS+.
• nSSOutChannels This indicates the number of output channels used in the SS+.

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