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typedef struct __SSnConfig { uint32_t nBlockSize; 
                             uint32_t nInChannels; 
                             uint32_t nOutChannels; 
                             uint32_t bSkipProcessOnCRCError; 
                             uint32_t bSkipInitialDownload; 
                             ADI_SS_COMM_HANDLE hSSComm; 
                             #if defined(__ADSP2158x__) 
                               uint32_t nInitNoWait; 
                               bool bClearUnusedOutput; 
                           } ADI_SS_CONFIG;

The structure ADI_SS_CONFIG is used by the Application to configure the SS+.

• nBlockSize Size of the input sample block passed to the SS+ for processing. This is equal to the Application Block Size and is expressed in samples per channel.
• nInChannels Indicates the number of input audio buffer passed to the SS+.
• nOutChannels Indicates the number of output audio data received from the SS+.
• bSkipProcessOnCRCError Indicates whether to skip further processing of audio upon encountering a CRC or packet error. 1 indicates skip and 0 indicates continue audio processing.
• bSkipInitialDownload Set this to 1 if the code and parameters are not downloaded from the SigmaStudio Host through the communication channel. If this field is not set to ‘1’, the SS+ instance internally skips the process stage until the code and parameter are received through the communication channel.
• hSSComm Handle to SigmaStudio communication instance.
• nInitNoWait Flag indicating whether the adi_ss_Init() API needs to wait for the SS+ code and parameters to be received or not.
• bClearUnusedOutput Boolean flag indicating whether the unused output channels need to be cleared or not.

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