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Communication library and interface header file details

The communication library handles the parsing of the SPI packets received from the Host, handling SMAP, code and parameter download, parameter tuning, read-back communication etc.
The SSn communication library for ADSP-SC5xx processors are listed below:

 • libadi_sigma_sharc_comm_SC58x_Core0.a or 

This is the Communication Library which is built to run on ARM core of ADSP-SC58x/ ADSP-SC57x processors respectively.

 • libadi_sigma_sharc_comm_2158x_Core1.dlb 

This is the Communication Library which is built to run on SHARC core of ADSP-SC58x and ADSP-2158x/ADSP-SC57x, ADSP-2157x and ADSP-2156x processors respectively. This Library is generated with Short Word Code (VISA) and byte-addressing mode.

Include Files

The include files required for integration of this library is :

 • adi_ss_communication.h

This public file contains interfaces for communication module (between Host and Target)

 • adi_ss_connection.h

This public file contains interfaces for physical SPI connection.

 • adi_ss_common.h. 

This is a common public header file which contains structures for memory definition.

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