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 typedef struct ADI_SS_CONNECTION_CONFIG { 
                                          /* One time configurable items */ 
                                          ADI_SS_CONNECTION_TYPE eConnectionType; 
                                          uint32_t nDevId; 
                                          ADI_SS_PROC_ID eProcID; 
                                          CONN_ISR pfISRRx; 
                                          CONN_ISR pfISRTx; 
                                          /* Reconfigurable items */ 
                                          uint32_t *pRxAddr; 
                                          uint32_t nRxPayloadCnt; 
                                          uint32_t *pTxAddr; 
                                          uint32_t nTxPayloadCnt; 

Configuration structure for connection component. This must be populated by the application before calling adi_ss_connection_init()API.

• eConnectionType Type of the physical connection. The supported physical connections are defined by the ADI_SS_CONNECTION_TYPE enumeration
• nDevId Device number (id) of the physical connection.
• eProcID Processor ID on which the connection component must execute from.
• pfISRRx Rx interrupt service routine function pointer. Currently unused.
• pfISRTx Tx interrupt service routine function pointer. Currently unused.
• pRxAddr Payload receive address. This pointer is a reconfigurable parameter. It can be reconfigured and used along with adi_ss_connection_Reconfigure() API.

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