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 typedef struct ADI_SS_COMM_PROPERTIES { bool bCommError; 
                                         bool bCustomCmdRcvd; uint32_t *pSSnBuf; 
                                         ADI_SS_MEM_SMAP *pMemSMap; 
                                         /* Fileds used for adi_ss_comm_SetProperties() API */ 
                                         uint32_t nProcId; 
                                         uint32_t nNumProcBlocks; 
                                         void* hasSSnHandle[MAX_NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS] [ADI_SS_FW_MAX_PROC_BLOCKS] 

Properties structure which provides information about the Communication component.

• bCommError Flag indicating communication error.
• bCustomCmdRcvd This flag indicates that a custom command is received.
• pSSnBuf This pointer contains the data received via custom command.
• pMemSMap Pointer to SMAP structure.
• nProcId This field is used to specify the Processor ID
• nNumProcBlocks This field is used to specify the number of Process Blocks running on a processor.
• haSSnHandle SSn handle for each of the Process blocks.

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