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Sweep Input with Switch


The Sweep block generates a sinewave that sweeps from a start frequency to an end frequency. The sweep rate is determined by the number of sweep steps and cycles per step. In case of the linear sweep, the frequency sweep is linear across time whereas in the case of log sweep input, the frequency sweeps logarithmically cross time. The following variants of the module are available:

  • Linear Sweep Switch
  • Linear Sweep With Switch Tone Burst
  • Log Sweep Switch
  • Log Sweep With Switch Tone Burst


Enter the desired start and stop frequency and step size using the edit controls:

  • Start Freq
    • The frequency at which to begin the sweep.
  • Stop Freq
    • The frequency at which to end the sweep.
  • # Steps
    • Determines the number of steps in the sweep.
  • # Cycles/Step
    • Determines the number of the cycles (sine wave cycles) in each step.
  • On/Off switch
    • Starts the sweep

Targets Supported

LinearSweep and variants Not Supported Not Supported Sample
LogSweep and variants Not Supported Not Supported Sample



Output0AudioOutput channel 0

Configurable Parameters

GUI Parameter NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
—————————————- ———————- —————————— —————————————-
StartFrequency200 to 0.5* sample rateSets the initial frequency for sinetone sweep
StopFrequency200000 to 0.5* sample rateSets the final/end frequency for sinetone sweep
Steps42 to 48000 Number of increments in the range defined by start and stop frequency
Cycles5 1 to 500 Number of cycles to be rendered of a particular frequency
Enablefalse false(off)/true(on) Switch on and off the sine sweep

DSP Parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionADAU145x/146x
—————————-- ————————————————————————————————— —————————————————--
start_freqnormalised value of start frequencyFixPoint8d24
stop_freqnormalised value of end frequencyFixPoint8d24
numcycles_per_stepGain, the sinetone wave to be multipliedInteger32
numstepsnumber of steps between start and stopInteger32
freq_increment frequency increment defined by range and numsteps FixPoint8d24
ison Enabled/Disabled the sweep FixPoint8d24

DSP Parameter Computation

start_freq= StartFrequency/(FS/2)
freq_increment= EndFrequency/(FS/2)
numsteps= Steps
numcycles_per_step = Cycles
freq_increment = (StartFrequency-StopFrequency)/(Steps-1)
ison = Sweep
FS, Where fs is frequency and FS is the sampling rate

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