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Pink Noise


This Module generates white noise and passes it through a sixth-order IIR filter with a 1/f power response. Pink noise has a power falloff of 1/f.

Targets Supported

Name ADSP-214xx(Sample) ADSP-214xx(Block) ADSP-215xx/ADSP-SC5xx(Sample) ADSP-215xx/ADSP-SC5xx(Block)
WhiteNoise No Yes No Yes



Name Type Description
Pink Noise Audio Output channel 0

Configurable Parameters

GUI Parameter Name Default Value Range Function Description
Gain 0 -120 → 20db Gain applied on the pink noise signal

DSP Parameters

Parameter Name Description ADSP-214xx/SC5xx/215xx
Gain Gain applied on the pink noise signal Float

DSP Parameter Computation

DSP_Gain = 0.25 * Math.Pow(10, (Configurable_gain / 20))

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