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Index Selectable Demultiplexer


The Index Selectable Demultiplexer block allows route an input to one of many possible output pins. The output is selected based on a control signal value, in 32.0 integer format from an Index Lookup Table, RMS Table, or DC Input block.

Index Selectable Demux (SW Slew) block allows smooth transition when switch outputs.


  1. Index Selectable Demux (Mono)
  2. Index Selectable Demux (Stereo)
  3. Index Selectable Demux (SW Slew)

Targets Supported

Index Selectable Demux (Mono) Yes NoYes No
Index Selectable Demux (Stereo)YesNoYesNo
Index Selectable Demux (SW Slew)NoYesNoYes



IndexSel_InControlSelects the output to route input signal
Input0AudioInput Channel 0
Input1AudioInput Channel 1(only in stereo)


Output0AudioOutput channel 0
Output1AudioOutput channel 1
Output2AudioOutput channel 2(only in stereo)
Output3AudioOutput channel 3(only in stereo)

Configurable Parameters

GUI Parameter NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
StepSize118 to 16Smooth transition of change in input signal(for only Stereo (SW Slew)
NumChannels2 (Mono), 4(stereo)Number of output channels. Change in this value requires re-compilation

DSP Parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionADSP-214xx/SC5xx/215xx
StepSizeSmooth transition of change in input signal (for only Stereo (SW Slew)Float

DSP Parameter Computation

StepSize = 2^(-1 * StepSize)

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