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Master Control Port Write IO


The Interface Write module writes the value of the parameter setting to the EEPROM when required, so that the parameter setting can be used after the power down(via selfboot).The module can write the value to EEPROM when the parameter value is changed or periodically or an external trigger(rising edge). The module supports writes through SPI or I2C protocols.


The Interface Write module has the following properties which can be set by the user in the form to configure the I2C or SPI modes

Targets Supported

Master Control Port Write IO Not Supported Not Supported Sample



InterfaceWrite Logic Input

Configurable Parameters

GUI Parameter NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
—————————————- ———————- ———————————- ——————————————-
SelectedIWChannel200 to 0.5* sample rateSets the initial frequency for sinetone sweep
Protocol10-1The Protocol selected - I2C(0) or SPI(1)
Bitrate100kHz400/800/1000 kHz(I2C), 100-100000KHz (SPI) I2C/ SPI Speed
Sub Address Bytes3 1-3Length of the address for SPI/I2C
Device Address0 I2C: Slave address 0-127
SPI: Slave select 0-6
Slave Adddress
SPI Mode10-1SPI Modes 0 or 3
Command Length10-255This is the SPI R/W instruction bytes
Write Instruction (SPI)20-255SPI write command bytes
Read Instruction(SPI)30-255SPI read command bytes
Write-Enable instruction (SPI) 60-255Write enable for SPI
Write mode 10-2The triggering modes for Interface write module, 0- write on Value change, 1-write Periodically with set write interval, 2- write on GPIO trigger
Write Interval 50ms 50-5000msWrite interval for periodic mode

DSP Parameters

Not applicable

DSP Parameter Computation

Not applicable

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