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Single Volume Shared


The Single Volume Shared block controls level of the signal through slider. This block has single volume control for 'N' number of inputs.


To modify the slider settings, right click on the slider control to customize the max/min and step size for slider.

Targets Supported

Single Volume Shared Yes YesYes Yes



Input0AudioInput channel 0


Output0ControlOutput channel 0

Configurable Parameters

GUI Parameter NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
Gain0dB-200 to +200 dBchange the level of the input signal
SlewRate(StepSize)121 to 23 (RC and Linear)
0.1 to 0.8 (DB)
Controls the transition time of the signal from one level to another level
SlewTypeRCRC, Linear(only in Block), DB(only in Block)Allows to select the slew type for the algorithm. Change in slewType requires re-compilation
IsDBChosenTrueTrue/FalseControls the volume slider is in dBps/Linear
NumChannels120Num of input and output channels. Change in this value requires re-compilation

DSP Parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionADSP-214xx/SC5xx/215xx
Gainchange the level of the input signalFloat
SlewRateControls the transition time of the signal from one level to another levelFloat

DSP Parameter Computation

SlewRate = 2^(-1*StepSize)

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