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Nth Order Filter


The Nth Order Filter is a combination of bi-quad filters to form Nth order filter.The Filter has 3 selectable filter types to perform LowPass/HighPass filtering.

The available filter types are:

  • Butterworth Low-Pass / High-Pass
  • Chebyshev 1 Low-Pass / High-Pass
  • Chebyshev 2 Low-Pass / High-Pass


Targets Supported

Nth Order Filter No NoNo Yes



Input0AudioInput Channel 0


Output0AudioOutput channel 0

Configurable Parameters

GUI Parameter NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
Frequency10003 to 30 KHzCut-off frequency
Gain0 dB-10 to +10 dBFilter Gain
Q1.411 to 15Q factor of the filter
Order62 to 20 Order of the filter
Ripple10.1 to 20Ripple factor of the filter
FilterTypeButterworthAvailable filtersUsed to select the filter type
EnabledOrBypassedTrueTrue/FalseEnabled/Disabled the algorithm
PhaseFalseTrue/FalseControls the phase of coefficients in 0 degree or 180 degree phase
IsLowPassTrueTrue/FalseControls the Lowpass or HighPass filter
NumChannels11 to 6Number of input and output channels. Change in this value requires re-compilation

DSP Parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionADSP-214xx/SC5xx/215xx
Stagesnumber of bi-quads cascadedFloat
A1_Stage0Filter coefficient A1 of bi-quad stage 0Float
A2_Stage0Filter coefficient A2 of bi-quad stage 0Float
B0_Stage0Filter coefficient B0 of bi-quad stage 0Float
B1_Stage0Filter coefficient B1 of bi-quad stage 0Float
B2_Stage0Filter coefficient B2 of bi-quad stage 0Float

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