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Index Selectable Multiple Band


The Index Selectable Multiple Band block provides a wide variety of 2nd-order filter algorithms.

The available filter types are:

  1. Low shelf filter
  2. High shelf filter
  3. Parametric filter
  4. Peaking filter
  5. First order low shelf filter
  6. First order high shelf filter
  7. Notch filter
  8. Band pass filter
  9. Band stop filter
  10. All pass filter
  11. High pass filter
  12. Low pass filter


  1. Index Selectable Multiple Band (1 Ch)
  2. Index Selectable Multiple Band (2 Ch)

Targets Supported

Name ADSP-214xx ADSP-215xx/SC5xx ADAU145x/146x
——————————————————— ——————-- ——————————-- —————————-
Index Selectable Multiple Band (1 Ch) B/S B/S S
Index Selectable Multiple Band (2 Ch) B/S B/S S



—————————— —————————— ————————————————
IndexSelectInput0ControlIndex of the selected frequency response curve
Input1AudioInput to the filter


—————————— —————————— ————————————————
Output1AudioThe filtered output

Configurable Parameters

GUI Parameter NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
FilterCount161 to 16Selects a filter response curve by filter number selected
Boost0 dB -20 to +20 dBSet the boost value for a particular filter curve
Frequency1000 Hz0 to 96 KHzCut-off frequency
Gain0 dB-15 to +15 dBFilter Gain
Q1.410.1 to 15Q factor of the filter
FilterTypeParametric filterAvailable filter TypesControls the type of the filter
EnabledOrBypassedTrueTrue/FalseEnabled/Disabled the algorithm
PhaseFalseTrue/FalseControls the phase of coefficients in 0 degree or 180 degree phase

DSP Parameters

Parameter Name Description ADSP-214xx/SC5xx/215xx ADAU145x/146x
——————————-- ——————————————————————— —————————————- —————————-
Stage0_B0B0 Filter CoefficientFloatFixPoint8d24
Stage0_B1B1 Filter CoefficientFloatFixPoint8d24
Stage0_B2B2 Filter CoefficientFloatFixPoint8d24
Stage0_A1A1 Filter CoefficientFloatFixPoint8d24
Stage0_A2A2 Filter CoefficientFloatFixPoint8d24
alphaExponential decay factorFloatFixPoint8d24
CascadeCountsNumber of Cascaded StagesInteger32Integer32
ParamSizeTotal number of filter coefficients of all stagesInteger32Integer32


  • Red - Stage Number (Changes for each stage coefficients)

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