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Single Band Level Detector


The Single Band Level Detector blocks calculate the input signal level, reading directly from the hardware in real time, and display the level graphically in meter displays. The Single-Level Detector calculates and displays the rms level of the signal, shown in dB.

The level detector performs analysis only and does not modify the input signal. The signal at the output pin is identical to the input.


Use the On / Off button to enable or disable the display. The level detector will not function until the schematic design has been compiled and downloaded to the hardware and a USB communication channel is properly configured.

The refresh rate of the display is approximately 10 Hz, while the green cross-bar tracks the maximum rms value with a slight delay. Note that the display's performance is limited by your PC system and USB communication resources. Using multiple level detectors may degrade the responsiveness.

Targets Supported

Single Band Level Detector Yes YesYes Yes



Input0AudioInput Channel 0


Output0ControlOutput channel 0

Configurable Parameters

No configurable parameters

DSP Parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionADSP-214xx/SC5xx
TimeConstantUsed to calculate the RMS Value of the input signal.The time constant determines how rapidly the compressor will respond to input signal level changes, e.g. the “Attack” time.Float
LogConstant Log CoefficientsFloat
DecayControls the rate at which the compressor gain decreases in response to decrease in the input signal level, e.g. the “Release” time.Float
HoldControls the time (in ms) the compressor maintains its current output gain setting before it starts decreasing as the input level decrease.Float
ReadBackReads the RMS level of the input signalFloat

DSP Parameter Computation

TimeConstant = Abs(1.0 - 10^(500/(10 * Sampling Rate)))
Decay = 96/Sampling Rate
Hold = Sampling Rate * 0.01

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