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Seven Band Level Detector


The Seven-Band Level Detector block calculates the input signal level, reading directly from the hardware in real-time, and displays the level graphically in seven frequency band meter displays:

  • <100Hz
  • 250Hz
  • 500Hz
  • 1kHz
  • 2.5kHz
  • 5kHz
  • >10kHz

The level detector performs the analysis only and does not modify the input signal. The signal at the output pin is identical to the input.

Use the On / Off button to enable or disable the display. The level detector will not function until the schematic design has been compiled and downloaded to the hardware and a USB communication channel is properly configured.

Targets Supported

Seven Band Level Detector Yes YesYes Yes



Input0AudioInput Channel 0


Output0ControlOutput channel 0

Configurable Parameters

No configurable parameters

DSP Parameters

No DSP Parameters

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