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Auxiliary ADC Input


The Auxiliary ADC Input algorithm takes the digital signal from the auxiliary A/D (analog-to-digital converter) and makes it available in the design.

Note: This block is only available for use with DSPs that have auxiliary ADC


Use the block's drop-down list control to select from the available ADC inputs.

  • Every enabled input must be connected to an output, else there will be errors on compilation.
  • Observe that as you drag more ADC input blocks into the schematic, the number of auxiliary ADCs available in the drop-down decreases because they can only be represented by one block at a time.
  • To change the Sampling Rate for an Aux ADC Input, Right-click the block name and select Set FS, which brings up the FS options (default is 48 kHz)

Targets Supported

Auxiliary ADC Input Not supported Not supported Sample



Output0AudioOutput channel 0

Configurable Parameters

GUI Parameter NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
—————————————- ———————- ———————————————— —————————————-
SelectedADCIPChannelAUX_ADC_0AUX_ADC_0 to AUX_ADC_7 selects the AUX ADC Channel

DSP Parameters

Not applicable

DSP Parameter Computation

Not applicable

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