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AB-In CD-Out Condition


The AB In-CD Out Condition block lets you compare the sample-by-sample level of two incoming signals (A & B) and output the sample of one of two new signals (C & D), depending on the condition.

This algorithm works only for DSP's with conditional instruction.


Click the icon in the block to select the condition you want to check:

  1. Greater than
  2. Less than
  3. Greater than or equal to
  4. Less than or equal to
  5. Equal to

When the condition is true, output sample is C; otherwise, it's D.

Targets Supported

Name ADSP-214xx ADSP-215xx/SC5xx ADAU145x/146x
—————————— ——————-- ——————————-- —————————-
AB-In CD-Out B/S B/S S



————————————— —————————- —————————————
Input0AudioInput channel 0 (Input Signal A)
Input1AudioInput channel 1 (Input Signal B)
Input2AudioInput channel 2 (Input Signal C)
Input3AudioInput channel 3 (Input Signal D)


————————————— —————————- —————————————
OutputAudioOutput channel

Configurable Parameters

No configurable parameter

DSP Parameters

NO DSP parameters

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