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PC Software Setup


Install the following software/tools in the listed order:

  1. CrossCore Embedded Studio - SigmaStudio uses the tools that are included with CrossCore Embedded Studio. Install CrossCore Embedded Studio, if it is not already installed on the SigmaStudio+ Host PC.
  2. Install SigmaStudio+ version 2.0.0 - ADI_SigmaStudioPlus-Rel2.0.0.exe
Note that if more than one version of the CrossCore Embedded Studio tool-chain is detected, the Processor Settings of ADSP-214xx/ADSP-215xx/ADSP-SC5xx allows for tool-chain selection.


  1. Install SigmaStudio+ version 2.0.0 - ADI_SigmaStudioPlus-Rel2.0.0.exe
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