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Execute Example Project

Download Example Projects

Example projects can be downloaded from Tutorials and Examples

Load and Execute Target Application

Target application has to loaded on to the evaluation platform before executing the example applications on ADSP-214xx, ADSP-215xx and ADSP-SC5xx platforms. There are two options to load the application on the target platform.

Flash the Loader File
The first option is to program the flash on the target platform with the application loader file. This is a one-time process. Once flashed, application will be booted from the flash every time the target platform is reset.

Load Executable using CCES
Second option is to use CrossCore Embedded Studio and load the application DXEs for each of the cores through a debug agent. This process should be repeated after every target reset.

Download and Tune using SigmaStudio+

  1. Double click on the downloaded project file to open it in SigmaStudio+.
  2. Click 'Link-Compile-Download' from the Action menu to compile and download the project on to the target
  3. Navigate to the schematic canvas by clicking on the schematic from the Schematic panel
  4. Change the graphical controls

Refer to Development Environment for more details on the SigmaStudio+ development environment.

Refer to Using SigmaStudio+ for more details on the usage of SigmaStudio+.

Refer to Target Integration for details on modifying, rebuilding and debugging the target application.

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