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Sequence Window

Use the sequence window to define a custom sequence of data read/write operations between SigmaStudio+ and a target hardware device connected via USB. Commands can be dragged from the capture window or created manually. Sequences are independent of the SigmaStudio+ project file and can be saved and recalled to files.

The Sequence window is docked at the bottom by default. The option to add sequences from capture window is available. Also there is an option to define the operation manually. A separate packet can be created, specifying he address of the location where the data packet is to be written along with the protocol to be used, which is usually SPI or I2C. Finally when the sequence is ready, pressing the download button on the sequence window, will send the packet to the target.

There are utility buttons present on top of the sequence window. The description of each button is given below:

  1. New Tab- Adds a new sequence mode. Each mode contains a sequence of read/write/delay packs which can be downloaded to the target.
  2. Delete Tab- Removes the selected sequence mode from the sequence window
  3. Open- Opens the selected sequence file of xml format
  4. New Sequence- Clears all the content of the current sequence tab
  5. Save- Saves the contents of the sequence window modes as an xml file
  6. Export- Exports the contents of the sequence window into .c and .h files for standalone mode of operation
  7. Add Sequence- Adds a new read/write/delay pack to the selected sequence mode
  8. Remove Sequence- Cuts a read/write/delay pack and stores it onto the sequence window clipboard allowing it to be pasted to any mode in the sequence tab
  9. Copy Sequence - Copies selected read/write/delay packs and stores it onto the sequence window clipboard allowing it to be pasted to any mode in the sequence window
  10. Paste- Pastes the packs present in the clipboard to the sequence mode selected
  11. Download - downloads the packs in the selected sequence mode to the target connected in the system tab
  12. Address in hex- ticking this checkbox displays the device address and register address in hex format. This also saves the addresses in hex in the export file.
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