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Menu and Toolbar

The application toolbars provide buttons for common commands. The toolbar on top provides buttons with different functionalities which actually act as short-cut. These functionalities can also be chosen from the menu. Some of the options available through the toolbar include new project, open project, save project, close project, undo, redo, zoom in , zoom out, link, link compile, link compile download, clean link compile download and presets. The individual menu options are described in brief below.

File Menu

  • New Project - Create a new Project
  • Open Project - Open an Existing Project
  • Recent Projects- List of projects opened recently
  • Close Project - Close the current open projects
  • Save - Save the current project
  • Save As - Save the current project in a desired location
  • Print Canvas - Print the canvas area consisting of modules and connectors
  • Export Canvas - Export the canvas area as an image
  • Exit - Exit Sigma Studio+

Edit Menu

  • Undo - Undo the recent operation performed
  • Redo - Redo the most recent undone operation
  • Cut - Cut the selected item or group of items
  • Copy - Copy the selected item or group of items
  • Paste - Paste the copied/cut items

View Menu

  • Zoom-In- Magnify the canvas area
  • Zoom-Out - Shrink the canvas area
  • Zoom to Fit - Adjust the canvas area to the screen such that the entire schematic is visible on the screen
  • Reset Layout - Reset the layout
  • Activate Design Layout - Activate Design Layout
  • Activate Tune Layout - Activate Tune Layout
  • Enable/Disable Window - Change the visibility of windows

Tools Menu

  • Algorithm Designer - Launch Algorithm Designer
  • Downloadable Add-ins Manager - Launch Add-ins manager to install additional modules
  • Stream Audio - Launch Audio Streaming Window
  • Project Version Control - Opens the Version Control Window
  • A/B Testing - Perform blind A/B testing of presets
  • Settings - Open the settings page

Format Menu

  • Align - Top, Bottom, Right and Left Alignment Options

Action Menu

  • Link - Perform Link operation on the project
  • Link Compile - Perform link operation and compile the schematics
  • Link Compile Download - After Link and Compile operations, download the schematic to the target
  • Clean Link Compile Download - Perform a fresh link compile download by erasing previous data
  • Export System Files - Export the current project to generate files in the chosen location
  • Export Preset - Export the presets saved in the project to a separate file
  • Import Preset - Import the presets saved in a file to apply onto the current project
  • Enable/Disable Level Detectors - Enable/Disable all Level Detectors
  • Enable/Disable Continuous Readback - Enable/Disable all Continuous Readback

Help Menu

  • Content - Launch Help Content for the particular selected item
  • Index - Launches the SigmaStudio+ landing page
  • About - Opens a pop-up window displaying details of release and build version along with date and time
  • Check for Updates - Check and install SigmaStudio+ software updates
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