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Capture Window


The Capture Window captures all data packets send from SigmaStudio+ to the target hardware. This includes packets sent as part of Link-Compile-Download operation, Parameter Tuning, Register Updates, Sequence Window writes etc. Capturing data packets is active only when a communication device is present in the project. This window is docked at the bottom of the application by default.

The following controls are provided on the Capture Window:

  1. Display - Drop down for selecting the type of packet to be displayed in the capture window. There are three options:
    • Raw - Displays the raw value or payload without any packetization.
    • Final - Displays the actual data that are sent to the target. The final packet may include a protocol wrapper around the raw packet depending on the target.
    • Both - Displays both the type of packets.
  2. Enable Logging - Enables logging of the Capture Window contents. Once enabled, every entry in capture window will be logged into a file under the name “CaptureWindowLog_<DataAndTime>.txt” in the installation location under “Host/Log/CaptureWindow” folder. Every Capture Window entry is logged to the file if the “Enable Logging” is checked. Once disabled, the Capture Window stops logging entries to this file. On reenabling the logging, a new Capture Window log file is generated by SigmaStudio+, and messages displayed after enabling logging are further written to this new file.
  3. Address in Hex - Selecting this checkbox displays the device address and register address in hex format
  4. Data in Binary - Displays the data field in binary form
  5. Auto Clear - Auto clears the capture window on new link compile download. It is checked by default.
  6. Copy to Clipboard - Copies the entire contents of the capture window to clipboard.
  7. Copy Selected Entries - Copies the selected capture window entries to clipboard.
  8. Copy to Sequence Window - Adds the selected capture window entries to sequence window.
  9. Copy to Real Time Variant - Adds the selected capture window entries to real-time variant.
  10. Clear - Clears the contents of the capture window.
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