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Capture Window


The capture window displays, in real time, the exact data that SigmaStudio+ is sending to the hardware. This window is only active when a USB communication channel is inserted in the project and the project has been compiled and downloaded. This window is docked at the bottom by default.

The window is empty when it opens initially, but after you press Link-Compile-Download you will see the data that is downloaded to the board: coefficients, parameter addresses, and parameter data. Whenever you make adjustments to sliders or control in a compiled and downloaded schematic, you can see the data that is sent.

Whenever changes are made to the schematic in tune mode, by varying the controls, the actual data that goes to the target can be monitored using the capture window.

On the top left, there is a combobox, for selecting the type of packet to be displayed in the capture window. There are three options available. The first one is the raw packet which is generated b the module when some parameter is changed. The second one is the final packet, which is the actual packet sent to the target. The final packet is generated by adding a wrapper around the raw packet. The last option is to display both the type of packets.

The top right of capture window has buttons, the functionality of which has been briefly explained below:

  1. Copy to Clipboard - Copies the entire contents of the capture window to clipboard
  2. Copy Selected Entries - Copies the selected capture window entries to clipboard
  3. Copy to Sequence Window - Adds the selected capture window entries to sequence window
  4. Copy to Real Time Variant - Adds the selected capture window entries to real-time variant
  5. Clear - Clears the contents of the capture window.
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