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Debug Using CCES

Follow the instructions given below to set up the CCES for debugging the schematic.

  1. Establish the hardware setup as described in ADSP-215xx/ADSP-SC5xx Hardware Setup.
  2. Install all software and tools mentioned in PC Software Setup.
  3. The Default Application for ADSP-SC573, ADSP-SC584 and ADSP-SC589 are supplied with the package. The projects can be found inside “SigmaStudioPlus-Relx.y.z\Target\Examples\Demo”. Launch CrossCore Embedded Studio on the SigmaStudio Host PC. Specify the workspace when prompted. Select File→Import. Import SS_App_Core0, SS_App_Core1 and SS_App_Core2 projects of appropriate target into CrossCore Embedded Studio.
  4. Select all the 3 core applications and build in Debug Mode.
  5. Uncheck “Build (if required) before launching” checkbox in Window→Preferences→Run/Debug→Launching.
  6. Launch SigmaStudio.
  7. Open any desired schematic that is required to be debugged.
  8. Make sure that the custom module going to be debugged was created with library file built in debug configuration.
  9. Select the rebuilt Application DXE’s for both the SHARC’s by clicking on ‘Select Application DXE’ in SHARC0/SHARC1 tab of SigmaStudio IC control window.
  10. Press Link-Compile-Download. This is a dummy download of the schematic for generating the schematic DXEs.
  11. Open the IC 1_<Schematic Name> and IC 2_<Schematic Name> folders to find the IC_1_Diff.dxe and IC_2_Diff.dxe files. The symbols present in these DXEs are loaded on top of the target application DXEs as explained in further steps.
  12. Select Run→Debug Configurations in CCES. Create a new Debug configuration under ‘Application with CrossCore Debugger’. Select appropriate processor, connection type and platform. Click finish.
  13. Load the DXE’s ‘SS_App_Core0’ on Core 0, ‘SS_App_Core1.dxe’ on Core 1 and ‘SS_App_Core2.dxe’ on Core 2. Now select the ‘SS_App_Core1.dxe’ in Core 1, press ‘Add’ and select the schematic DXE corresponding to Core 1 ( IC_1_Diff.dxe), select SS_App_Core2.dxe’ in Core 2, press ‘Add’ and select the schematic DXE corresponding to Core 2 ( IC_2_Diff.dxe) as shown in below figure.
  14. Double click on ‘SS_App_Core1.dxe’ of Core 1 and uncheck ‘Run immediately after load’ option. Repeat the same for ‘SS_App_Core2.dxe’ for Core 2.
  15. Double click on ‘IC_1_Diff.dxe’ of Core 1 and uncheck everything except ‘Load Symbols only’ after load’ option. Repeat the same for ‘IC_2_Diff.dxe’ for Core 2.
  16. Click on “MP Resume” to run Core 0 (ARM). This enables the Core 1 and 2 (SHARC).
  17. Select main () function in Debugger window of corresponding SHARC core, the SigmaStudio schematic module to be debugged.
  18. Enter “adi_ss_schematic_process.” symbol name in the Disassembly window and press enter to get Disassembly function.
  19. Scroll down in the Disassembly function and set breakpoint in the instruction shown in below figure. There will be a pop up when breakpoint set, just select “Don’t show me again” and press “OK”.
  20. The steps 17 to 19 needs to be followed for SHARC core2 if any module to be debugged on SHARC core2.
  21. Then individually select and run Core 1 and Core 2 by clicking on “Resume”.
  22. Link-Compile-Download the required schematic again in SigmaStudio.
  23. A pop-up appears in CCES prompting the user to re-load the schematic DXEs. Select No.
  24. Observe that the target halts at the breakpoint set as shown in below figure.
  25. Select “Mask interrupts during step” in target option and press “OK” as shown in below figure.
  26. Step-in 2 times using disassembly step in to enter “SSSharcSSn.” disassembly function.
  27. The source files (.c) of custom module can be dragged to CCES source window and set breakpoint on the source file module functions directly. Step-in through the code using debugger window Step In options and debug the module function.
  28. The other way is, enter the required symbol name of module function (byte addressed symbol followed by a ‘.’) which is to be debugged in the Disassembly window and set a breakpoint at the required instruction. For example debugging Biquad Cascade module enter “BPROCESS_BiquadCascade.” symbol and set a breakpoint as shown in below figure. Run the core by clicking on “Resume”. The core halts at module function where the breakpoint is set.
  29. Step-in through the code using disassembly step and debug the module function.
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