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SigmaStudio and SigmaDSP Documentation

Welcome to the Analog Devices SigmaStudio Graphical Development Tool!

SigmaStudio was developed specifically for use with our SigmaDSP audio processors. Recently, support was also added for SHARC processors. This graphical development environment allows engineers with little or no DSP coding experience to add quality digital signal processing to their designs. In addition, it allows experienced engineers to quickly create complicated signal flows while at the same time focusing on more complex signal processing algorithms. SigmaStudio offers a variety of signal processing blocks that can be wired together, as in a schematic, and generate production-ready code while providing a graphical control surface for fine tuning parameters.

This tool was originally tailored for engineers tasked with migrating analog sound processing systems to digital ones; yet it is powerful enough to satisfy more experienced DSP designers. SigmaStudio can help users reduce development times, lower costs without sacrificing quality or performance.

  • See what's new in the latest release of SigmaStudio.
  • To get started, follow the Quick Start guide.
  • To see what SigmaStudio can do, check out the tutorials.

SigmaStudio is currently compatible with the Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems. Windows 8 support development is in progress, but at present, SigmaStudio will not work on Windows 8.

Before using SigmaStudio, read the SigmaStudio End User License Agreement.

Download the latest version of SigmaStudio at our download site.

SigmaStudio was recently updated to support some SHARC processors. Over time, this Wiki will be updated to reflect information for both SigmaDSP and SHARC.

Documentation Sections

Getting Started
This section will contain information for first-time users of SigmaStudio.

Development Environment
This section contains information about the SigmaStudio user interface.

Using SigmaStudio
This section describes the basic functions of the SigmaStudio software.

Toolbox (Detailed Algorithm Information)
This section contains detailed information about all of the algorithms in SigmaStudio.

Audio DSP Fundamentals
This section contains background information for SigmaStudio's audio DSP algorithms.

SigmaDSP Architecture
This section contains details about the hardware architecture of the SigmaDSP core.

Tutorials, Examples, and Documents
This section contains tutorials and guides to help users understand and use SigmaStudio.

Getting Support

For support regarding SigmaDSP development in the SigmaStudio graphical development tool, go to the EngineerZone support forum.

Helpful Hints

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You can subscribe to updates by using the RSS | Manage Subscriptions options at the top of each page.

Feature Wishlist

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