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System Implementation

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When you have finished designing your schematic and have compiled your project, you are ready to translate your design into microcontroller code, following these basic steps:

  1. Obtain parameters and addresses from SigmaStudio (export the .params, .hex, and .h files).
  2. Parse the file with parameter information.
  3. Incorporate (integrate) into microcontroller code.

To access the parameters and addresses from SigmaStudio, you must have already compiled your project and exported the parameter files. After doing that, you'll have two parameter files:

  • yourfilename.hex - hex values of parameters to be written to DSP.
  • yourfilename.params - detailed file with addresses and values of all parameters.

You can view sample *.params and *.hex files in the Export Program and Parameters topic.

Following is an example of how you can integrate the parameters into microcontroller code (AD1940). The highlighted functions in the main function are also defined:

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