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Manage Downloadable Add-Ins

SigmaStudio Add-In Manager provides options to download SigmaStudio Add-Ins developed by third-party easily available for SigmaStudio users. Add-In Manager can be opened through the tools menu.

Add-In Manager searches the SigmaStudio Add-In server and lists all the Add-ins available for download.

  • This tool allows installing, uninstalling and updating any SigmaStudio plug-ins available.
  • User can first go through the details of the algorithm before downloading it. Press the link in the description to go to the third-party website for the algorithm.

After the installation of the Add-in. The add-in contents will be available in the following directory.

C:\Analog Devices\SigmaStudio Add-Ins\SigmaStudio x.y\PackageName.x.y.z

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