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Surround Sound Volume Control

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The Surround Sound Volume Control block enables positioning of source elements relative to a listener head. The default block has one source centered in front of the listener. Right-click the block border or title to grow the algorithm up to 6 sources. The figure at right is the default algorithm grown by 4, to achieve a typical 5-channel surround speaker setup.surroundsoundvolumecontrol1.jpg

Sources and head can be dragged to any position in the room, or set more precisely via the Set Positions and Room Dimensions form (right-click the center of the block). Its parameters include:

  • Units -- English (US) or Metric
  • Coordinate System -- Cartesian or Polar
  • Width and length of the room
  • Head location
  • Source locations

Press Resize to accept changes. Grayed-out source locations mean the source is not currently added.

A typical living room / HT setup is shown below:


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