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Single SW Slew Volume (Adjustable)

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The Single SW Slew Vol uses the same algorithm for volume control as the Single Slew Ext Vol, but the volume level is set using the slider (or by setting the associated coefficient parameter) rather than by external input. Connect an input signal and control its level with the slider. Optionally the slew rate can be adjusted in the range 1 to 23.singleswslewadjustable1.jpg

You can both Grow Algorithm (add additional inputs and outputs) and Add Algorithms (Add additional control input pins and associated inputs and outputs) to this block. Refer to Single Vol (Shared) for detailed discussion or adding and growing.

The slider control's min/max value and step size can be customized. To modify the slider's settings, right-click on the control which will display the control pop-up window (shown below).


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