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 +====== Adjustable Volume Control ====== 
 +[[:​resources:​tools-software:​sigmastudio:​toolbox:​volumecontrols|Click here to return to the Volume Controls section.]] 
 +|This block lets you control which slew curve, and which time constant for the slew algorithm, to use.|{{:​resources:​tools-software:​sigmastudio:​toolbox:​volumecontrols:​adjustablevolumecontrol.jpg}}| 
 +Choose slew type using the top drop-down control, ​ Linear, Const[ant] dB, and RC-type: 
 +  * Linear: Slews to target using a fixed step size. The ramp ranges from 6.75 to 213.4 ms. 
 +  * Constant dB: Slews to target using the current value to calculate the step size. The resulting curve has a constant rise and decay when measured in dB. The ramp ranges from 6.1 ms to 1.27 s. 
 +  * RC-type: Slews to target using the difference between the target and current values to calculate the step size. This produces a simple RC-type curve for both rising and falling. The ramp ranges from 6.1 ms to 1.27 s. 
 +With the bottom drop-down control, choose a time-constant value between 0 (fastest volume change) and -15 (slowest volume change). 
 +The default block comes with the Gain slew algorithm; right-click the block border or title, per usual, to add input/​output pins. The slider controls the input(s) / output(s) the same, and the time constant applies to all inputs. 
 +The example at above right shows the default block with one algorithm added.
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