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Hierarchy Output

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The Hierarchy output block is used to create signal outputs from a Schematic Hierarchy Tab. Hierarchy Boards are helpful for large schematic designs and for organizing design components.

For more information about Hierarchy Boards, see the Hierarchy Boards topic.

To create a Hierarchy Output:

  1. Select a hierarchy board tab at the bottom of the Schematic window.
  2. Drag a Hierarchy Output block into the schematic.
  3. This will create a Hierarchy Output block in the schematic and a corresponding output pin on the Hierarchy Board block.

Note: To see determine which Hierarchy output block belongs to a Hierarchy board output pin, hover the mouse pointer above the Hierarchy board pin and the output block's name will be displayed in the tool-tip (as in the image above).

See the Hierarchy Board System Example for a sample hierarchy board design.

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