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Wav Player

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This module can be used to read PCM/WAV files from internal memory of ADAU145x. This module also provides playback controls as Play/Pause, Stop and Loopback.This module also can perform pitch shifting while playing the file.

The following list shows the various audio files supported by this module.

  1. Audio Samples in 8.24 Fixed point format (Mono)
  2. Wav file with out header (PCM) (Mono)
    1. 8 Bits per Sample (Signed Integer)
    2. 16 Bits per Sample (Signed Integer)
    3. 24 Bits per Sample (Signed Integer)
    4. 32 Bits per Sample (Signed Integer)

Output Pins

NameFormat [int/dec] - [control/audio]Function Description
Pin 0: WavPlayer OutPutdecimal - audioAudio Sample

Grow Algorithm

The module currently does not support grow/add functionality.


Click on the image to open the Wav Player Properties Window.

GUI Control NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
Audio File FormatAudio Sample in 8.24Wav without header (PCM)/Audio Sample in 8.24 formatSelection of audio file format
Bits Per Sample328/16/24/32Bits per sample in the audio file Load.
Sample to Start00 - number of samples in fileTo allow phase shift.
File TypeASCIIASCII/BinaryTo select text file or PCM file.

Note: The size of the file shall not exceed the (Maximum DM0 Memory(20kb) - Available DM0 Memory).

Any change in these configuration parameters requires a recompilation.

DSP Parameter Information

GUI Control NameCompiler NameFunction Description
ForwardPlayWavPlayerInternalAlg1ForwardPlayTo Play or Pause the Audio
LoopbackWavPlayerInternalAlg1LoopbackTo Enable/Disable Loopback
PitchScalingFactorWavPlayerInternalAlg1PitchScalingFactor_Hi To provide pitch shifting
PitchScalingFactorWavPlayerInternalAlg1PitchScalingFactor_Lo To provide pitch shifting
PitchScalingCounterWavPlayerInternalAlg1PitchScalingCounter_Hi To provide phase shift
PitchScalingCounterWavPlayerInternalAlg1PitchScalingCounter_Lo To provide phase shift


  • Green - Algorithm Name
  • Red - Instance Number (Changes for each instance)
  • Blue - Parameter Name

Supported ICs

  1. ADAU145x
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