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VCO with Quadrature Outputs

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The voltage-controlled oscillator block, typically used for modulation applications, takes a control input signal (green pin) and outputs a sine tone at a particular frequency on the first blue pin, and a cosine signal (90 degree phase shifted copy of the signal) on the second blue pin.vco_q002.jpg

The input value may be from zero to one (5.23 format), and the VCO linearly interpolates its derived value into an output frequency from 0 Hz (0.0 input) to fs/2 (1.0 input). Fs is the sampling frequency.

If the input applied is greater than 1, the derived output value will fold back to frequencies below fs/2.

To change the source's Sampling Rate, Right-click in the block and select Set Sampling Rate, which will open the Sampling Rate window (default is 44.1 kHz).

This cell can be found in the Voltage Controlled subfolder in the Sources section of the toolbox.

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