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 [[:resources:tools-software:sigmastudio:toolbox:sources|Click here to return to the Sources section.]] [[:resources:tools-software:sigmastudio:toolbox:sources|Click here to return to the Sources section.]]
-|The voltage-controlled oscillator blocktypically used for modulation applications, takes a control input signal (red pin) and outputs a sine tone at a particular frequency on the blue pin.|{{ :resources:tools-software:sigmastudio:toolbox:sources:vco003.jpg}}|+The Voltage Controlled Oscillator block is typically used for modulation applications. The block has a control input signal (orange pin) which specifies a frequency. The blue pin generates a sine tone at the appropriate frequency. 
 +{{ :resources:tools-software:sigmastudio:toolbox:sources:vco003.jpg}}
 \\ \\ \\ \\
-The input value may be from zero to one (5.23 format)and the VCO linearly interpolates its derived value into an output frequency from 0 Hz (0.0 input) to fs/2 (1.0 input). Fs is the sampling frequency.+The input value may be from zero to one (5.23 format, or on ADAU145x/ADAU146x, 8.24 format). 
 +The VCO accepts values from 0 Hz (0.0 input) to Fs/2 (1.0 input). Fs is the sampling frequency. The algorithm linearly interpolates the input value into an output frequency.
 \\ \\ \\ \\
-If the input applied is greater than 1, the derived output value will fold back to frequencies below fs/2.+Note that if the input is greater than 1, the derived output value will fold back to frequencies below Fs/2.
 \\ \\ \\ \\
-To change the source's Sampling Rate, Right-click in the block and select Set Sampling Rate, which will open the Sampling Rate window (default is 44.1 kHz).+=== Example Schematic === 
 +{{ :resources:tools-software:sigmastudio:toolbox:sources:vco_sigmastudio_project.png?nolink |}}
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