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Triangle Wave With Phase and Gain

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The Triangle Wave block generates a triangle wave at a constant level and frequency. The output frequency is adjustable. Use the edit control or arrows to set the desired frequency; the checkbox control turns the signal on and off.

To change the source's Sampling Rate, Right-click in the block and select Set Sampling Rate, which will open the Sampling Rate window (default is 44.1 kHz).

GUI Control

GUI Control NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
on/offoffon/offTurns the output of the cell on or off. When the output is off, the output pin will output a constant value of 0.
Frequency500.010.01 to 0.5*Sample RateThe sets the frequency of the triangle wave that is output from the cell.
Initial Phase00 to 360Initial Phase of the triangle wave.
Gain0-144 to 42 dB The gain to be multiplied on the triangle wave

Note: The triangle wave is digitally generated and is non-bandlimited. This waveform is suitable for use as an internal control signal, but will produce aliasing distortion if used directly for audio output. If this configuration is desired, it is recommended that you apply a low-pass filter to the block's output before routing the signal to hardware outputs.

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