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Sine Tone

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The Tone (Lookup/Sine) block generates a tone from a lookup table, keeping the level constant regardless of frequency. Set the tone frequency in text field or use the arrows; the checkbox turns the tone on and off.

To change the source's Sampling Rate, Right-click in the block and select Set Sampling Rate, which will open the Sampling Rate window (default is 44.1 kHz).

GUI Control

GUI Control NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
on/offoffon/offTurns the output of the cell on or off. When the output is off, the output pin will output a constant value of 0 in 5.23 format.
Frequency500.010.01 to 0.5*Sample RateThe sets the frequency of the sine tone that is output from the cell.

DSP parameter Information

GUI Control NameCompiler NameFunction Description
N/Asin_lookupAlg19401maskThis value is an internal parameter and should be set according to its value as output by the SigmaStudio compiler.
Frequencysin_lookupAlg19401incrementThis sets the frequency of the sine tone. Its value is stored as a fixed point 5.23 number, equal to Frequency / (Sample Rate * 0.5).
on/offsin_lookupAlg19401isonThis value controls if the signal will be output or not. 'On' is represented by a 1 in 5.23 format, whereas 'Off' is represented by a 0.
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