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-=====     Pulse   =====  +=====     Voltage Controlled Pulse   =====  
 [[:resources:tools-software:sigmastudio:toolbox:sources|Click here to return to the Sources section.]] [[:resources:tools-software:sigmastudio:toolbox:sources|Click here to return to the Sources section.]]
-The Pulse block typically used for modulation applications takes the control input from Pin0 and duty cycle input from pin1 and it generates the output pulse from pin2.+The Pulse block generates a pulse train with the values 0 and 1. There are two inputs to this cell: Frequency and Duty Cycle.
-The input pin0 value from zero to one vary the output signal time period(frequency) and the input pin1 value from zero to one vary the T-ON(Duty cycleof the pulse. + 
-  +Frequency is an 8.24 number between 0 and 0.5. An input of 0 will create DC, and 0.5 will create Fs/2. 
-tiny circle is used to round/unround the no of the samples in T-OFF period of pulse signal).+For example, at Fs = 48 kHz, a frequency input of 0.1 will create a 4.8 kHz pulse train. 
 +Duty cycle is an 8.24 number between 0 and 1, corresponding to 0% and 100%. 
 +A duty cycle of 0.6 will create a pulse train which has value 1 60% of the time
 +Note that since the Pulse block runs at a discrete sampling rate, exact frequency generation is not always possible. mechanism called "Round Coefficients" approximates the requested frequency more closely by following some short pulses with longer pulses at the closest possible frequencies. 
 +The "Round Coefficients" feature is enabled/disabled with a small circle on the window. When the circle is BLUE, coefficients are rounded. When the circle is ORANGE, the rounding feature is disabled.
 {{ :resources:tools-software:sigmastudio:toolbox:sources:pulse.png?nolink|}} {{ :resources:tools-software:sigmastudio:toolbox:sources:pulse.png?nolink|}}
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 ===== Supported IC's===== ===== Supported IC's=====
-1. ADAU145x +ADAU145x and ADAU146x processors are supported.
 ===== Example  ====== ===== Example  ======
-The example shown below generates the 5KHz pulse with duty cycle 50% +The schematic below generates a 4.8 kHz pulse with 50% duty cycle. 
-{{ :resources:tools-software:sigmastudio:toolbox:sources:pulseexample1.png?nolink |}}+{{ :resources:tools-software:sigmastudio:toolbox:sources:pulse_sigmastudio_project.png?nolink |}} 
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