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-=====     ​Pulse ​  ​=====  ​+=====     Voltage Controlled ​Pulse   ​=====  ​
 [[:​resources:​tools-software:​sigmastudio:​toolbox:​sources|Click here to return to the Sources section.]] [[:​resources:​tools-software:​sigmastudio:​toolbox:​sources|Click here to return to the Sources section.]]
-The Pulse block typically used for modulation applications takes the control input from Pin0 and duty cycle input from pin1 and it generates the output pulse from pin2.+The Pulse block generates a pulse train with the values 0 and 1. There are two inputs to this cell: Frequency ​and Duty Cycle.
-The input pin0 value from zero to one vary the output signal time period(frequency) ​and the input pin1 value from zero to one vary the T-ON(Duty cycleof the pulse. + 
-  +Frequency is an 8.24 number between 0 and 0.5. An input of 0 will create DC, and 0.5 will create Fs/2. 
-tiny circle ​is used to round/unround ​the no of the samples in T-OFF period of pulse signal).+For example, at Fs = 48 kHz, a frequency ​input of 0.1 will create a 4.8 kHz pulse train. 
 +Duty cycle is an 8.24 number between 0 and 1, corresponding to 0% and 100%. 
 +A duty cycle of 0.6 will create a pulse train which has value 1 60% of the time
 +Note that since the Pulse block runs at a discrete sampling rate, exact frequency generation is not always possible. ​mechanism called "Round Coefficients"​ approximates the requested frequency more closely by following some short pulses with longer pulses at the closest possible frequencies. 
 +The "Round Coefficients"​ feature ​is enabled/disabled with a small circle on the window. When the circle is BLUE, coefficients are rounded. When the circle is ORANGE, the rounding feature is disabled.
 {{ :​resources:​tools-software:​sigmastudio:​toolbox:​sources:​pulse.png?​nolink|}} {{ :​resources:​tools-software:​sigmastudio:​toolbox:​sources:​pulse.png?​nolink|}}
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 ===== Supported IC'​s===== ===== Supported IC'​s=====
-1. ADAU145x ​+ADAU145x ​and ADAU146x processors are supported.
 ===== Example ​ ====== ===== Example ​ ======
-The example shown below generates ​the 5KHz pulse with duty cycle 50% +The schematic ​below generates ​a 4.8 kHz pulse with 50% duty cycle. 
-{{ :​resources:​tools-software:​sigmastudio:​toolbox:​sources:​pulseexample1.png?nolink |}}+{{ :​resources:​tools-software:​sigmastudio:​toolbox:​sources:​pulse_sigmastudio_project.png?nolink |}} 
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