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 +====== Licensed Algorithms ======
 +[[resources/​tools-software/​sigmastudio/​toolbox|Click here to return to the Toolbox page]]
 +The Toolbox'​s Licensed Algorithms library lets you access proprietary licensed blocks (including some developed by Analog Devices) for use in your designs.
 +The following Algorithms are available:
 +  * **Analog Devices**
 +    * [[resources:​tools-software:​sigmastudio:​toolbox:​licensedalgorithms:​adisurround|ADI Surround]]
 +    * [[resources:​tools-software:​sigmastudio:​toolbox:​licensedalgorithms:​adivirtual|ADI Virtual]]
 +    * [[resources:​tools-software:​sigmastudio:​toolbox:​licensedalgorithms:​externalledarraydriver|External LED Array Driver]]
 +    * [[resources:​tools-software:​sigmastudio:​toolbox:​licensedalgorithms:​subharmonicsynthgeneral|Subharmonic Synth (general)]]
 +    * [[resources:​tools-software:​sigmastudio:​toolbox:​licensedalgorithms:​subharmonicsynthlf|Subharmonic Synth (LF)]]
 +  * **Kronoton GmbH**
 +    * [[resources:​tools-software:​sigmastudio:​toolbox:​licensedalgorithms:​hdsx|HDSX® (High Definition Sound Expansion)]]
 +Additional algorithms may be available by request from 3rd Party vendors.
 +<WRAP center round info 60%>
 +**Note:** None of these algorithm blocks are included with the SigmaStudio application installation. To evaluate or license algorithms from third parties, please contact their licensing departments directly.
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