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ADI Virtual

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This block is not included in the SigmaStudio installation. Please contact Analog Devices for evaluation and licensing information.

ADI Virtual enhances the stereo soundfield, creating a more spacious listening environment in several styles. It uses sophisticated signal processing to synthesize virtual loudspeakers and give the sensation of being inside the stereo tracks and/or making the music surround you. Built-in spectral shaping filters fine-tune frequency and phase responses. 5.1-channel surround audio (left, right, center, subwoofer, left and right surround channels) can be converted to two-channel format, binaural for headphones and stereo specially treated for loudspeaker playback.

ADI Virtual is intended for lightweight implementation on embedded DSP.

Following are the processing configurations available:

  • 5.1 to loudspeakers virtualizer
  • 5.1 to headphones virtualizer
  • Stereo to loudspeaker virtualizer
  • Stereo to headphones virtualizer
  • 5.1 mix to stereo
  • Stereo passthrough TKTK

Click the appropriate choice to select the input configuration desired.

The schematic shown below features 6-channel input block, ADI Virtual block (5.1 to Loudspeakers Virtualizer selected), and two output blocks.

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