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-====== Single Level Detector ======+~~GOTO>​resources/​tools-software/​sigmastudio/​toolbox/​leveldetectorslookuptables/​singlebandleveldetector?​0~~
-[[resources:​tools-software:​sigmastudio:​toolbox:​leveldetectorslookuptables|Click here to return to the Level Detectors/​Lookup Tables page]] 
-{{ :​resources:​tools-software:​sigmastudio:​toolbox:​leveldetectorslookuptables:​singleleveldetector_001.jpg?​|}} 
-The Level Detector blocks calculate the input signal level, reading directly from the hardware in real time, and display the level graphically in meter displays. The Single-Level Detector calculates and displays the rms level of the signal, shown in dB. 
-The level detector performs analysis only and does not modify the input signal. The signal at the output pin is identical to the input. 
-Use the On / Off button to enable or disable the display. The level detector will not function until the schematic design has been compiled and downloaded to the hardware and a USB communication channel is properly configured. ​ 
-The refresh rate of the display is approximately 10 Hz, while the green cross-bar tracks the maximum rms value with a slight delay. Note that the display'​s performance is limited by your PC system and USB communication resources. Using multiple level detectors may degrade the responsiveness. 
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