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This Module performs N-point IFFT on input samples which are in the PCMx format, the BlockSize of which is 3 * Schematic Block Size. The first Schematic Block Size number of samples in a PCMx input contains the header information carried from the previous Module (say in this case FFT). Only when the PCMx type matches, IFFT is performed and output is given as Linear PCM samples

Input Pins

NameFormat [int/dec] - [control/audio]Function Description
Pin 0: Input(PCMx) decimal - Audio Frequency Domain Real Input
Pin 1: Input(PCMx) decimal - Audio Frequency Domain Imaginary Input

Output Pins

NameFormat [int/dec] - [control/audio]Function Description
Pin 0: Output(PCM) decimal - Audio Real PCM Output
Pin 1: Output(PCM) decimal - Audio Imaginary PCM Output

Grow Algorithm

The module does not support Growth and Add


GUI Control NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
FFT Size 64 16 to 1024 Size of the IFFT

DSP Parameter Information

GUI Control NameCompiler NameFunction Description
FFT Size Ext_BlockIFFT_SC5xxAlg1MaxN Size of IFFT(Should be power of 2,greater than or equal to preceding FFT Size)


  • Green - Algorithm Name
  • Red - Instance Number (Changes for each instance)
  • Blue - Parameter Name

Algorithm Description

This module performs Complex IFFT on the input samples received in PCMx format. The twiddle coefficients are calculated within the code. IFFT Size should be a power of 2 and greater than or equal to the FFTSize. Link/Compile/Download is necessary whenever the IFFT Size is changed.

Supported ICs

  1. ADSP215xx
  2. ADSPSC5xx
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