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State Variable (Q/F Input)

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This block allows for simultaneous access to three different filter types: lowpass, highpass, bandpass. See State-Variable Filter for information about the parameters and calculations for this algorithm.

This block performs the same function as the State Variable Q Input, with the difference being the frequency is now controlled by a third input pin called 'Frequency Input' instead of text window entry.

The format for Q is 5.23 or 8.24 (depending on your processor), and it is inverted. In other words…

Input to Q pin = 1/Q

The format for F is also 5.23 or 8.24, and the calculation is:

Input to F pin = {2 sin{pi f} / {f_s} }

where the filter cutoff frequency is f and the sample rate is f_s. The sine argument is unitless (radians).

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