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Note: Most of these filters allow either double- or single-precision computation. Double-precision should be used unless the DSP is running out of resources. Single-precision should not be used for signal content below 1/10 the sampling frequency (5kHz for a typical 48kSPS system), or for high-Q filters.

The Filters library of the Toolbox lets you access numerous filter / EQ blocks for shaping the frequency content of your signal. The following blocks are available:

FIR Filters

Second Order Filters

First Order Filters


The topic pages in this book contain specific information about the individual blocks. Be sure to take a look at the Filter Examples page to see sample schematics using some filter blocks.

To view the response of a filter's settings, drag a filter block into the workspace attach a Simulation Stimulus block to the input and a Simulation Probe to the filter's output. Now Click the Probe button Stimulus button. Take a look at the Filter Examples.

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