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RMS 4 Band Compressor- Single Precision(ADAU145x)

RMS 4 band compressor is a multi-band compressor with 4 unique filter bands each with a unique compression curve and setting. The filter bands are configurable allowing the user to adjust the frequencies fed to each compression curve. Each compressor curve is individually configurable by means of a Graph and settings - attack, release hold and knee. The compression is applied by detecting the RMS value of the input signal and multiplying it with corresponding gain as set in the graph.

Input Pins

NameFormat [int/dec/float] - [control/audio]Function Description
Pin 0: Input Signal decimal(ADAU145x)- audio\\Input signal to be compressed

Output Pins

NameFormat [int/dec/float] - [control/audio]Function Description
Pin 0: Compressor Outdecimal(ADAU145x)- audio- audioThe compressor output

Grow Algorithm

The module supports growth functionality. Add is not supported.

GUI Controls

GUI Control NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
corner frequency low40Hz 10-10000Hzcross over frequency at the intersection of the lowpass band and midband1
corner frequency mid600Hz 10-10000Hzcross over frequency at the intersection of the midbands
corner frequency high8000Hz 10-10000Hzcross over frequency at the intersection of the highpass band and midband2
Filter Type0(linkwitz riley 24) 0-10filter type (linkwitz, butterworth, Bessel)
Link channelsdisabled enable/disablelinks cross channel rms gains
attack72 ms 1- 500 (ms)attack time, time in which compression kicks in when the input crosses the threshold
hold 72 ms 1- 500 (ms)hold time
release868 ms 1- 2000 (ms)release time, time in which the compression is deactivated when the input falls below the threshold
knee1 1-75softness of the compression kicking in determined by the knee
indicatordisableenable/disableenables or disable the gain display meters
compression curve--enables the user to define the compression curve by moving the points on the curve along the graph
Channel display00-7displays the level meters for the selected channel
band select00-3displays the compression bands
pregain0-90 to 6dBpre-gain for each compressor curve
level indicators(out,in,comp)--displays the input output and applied gain levels

DSP Parameter Information

GUI Control NameCompiler NameFunction Description
tc_nRMS4BandCompS300Alg1tc_n(ADAU145x)attack time (there are n values for n curves)
hold_nRMS4BandCompS300Alg1hold_n(ADAU145x)hold time(there are n values for n curves)
decay_nRMS4BandCompS300Alg1decay_n(ADAU145x)release time(there are n values for n curves)
B1_1RMS4BandCompS300Alg1B1_1(ADAU145x)all pass coefficients (3 sets of first order filters) (b1,b0,a1), there are 9 coefficients in total.
points_nRMS4BandCompS300Alg1points_n(ADAU145x)Table containing gain points array from compressor curve graph
B2_filterIndexRMS4BandCompS300Alg1B2_filterIndex(ADAU145x)B2 IIR filter coefficient of the filter band
B1_filterIndexRMS4BandCompS300Alg1B1_filterIndex(ADAU145x)B1 IIR filter coefficient of the filter band
B0_filterIndexRMS4BandCompS300Alg1B0_filterIndex(ADAU145x)B0 IIR filter coefficient of the filter band
A2_filterIndexRMS4BandCompS300Alg1A2_filterIndex(ADAU145x)A2 IIR filter coefficient of the filter band
A1_filterIndexRMS4BandCompS300Alg1A1_filterIndex(ADAU145x)A1 IIR filter coefficient of the filter band

Algorithm Description

The Algorithm implements a multiple band compressor, with the input being separated into various filter bands depending on the set corner frequencies. These filter inputs are fed into individual compressors with unique curves and settings for attack, release and hold times.The detected gain is multiplied with the individual filter outputs and summed to a single output.


The example shows The module configured to a single input, single output configuration. The input is a sine sweep, sweeping linearly from 50Hz to 20kHz. The multiband compressor bands are configured to provide compression of 12db,0db,5dB and 30dB at an input level of 0dB.

Supported IC's

1. ADAU145x

Note: The module uses single precision filters due to which the accuracy of the module is limited at low amplitude levels of input data

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