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Parameter Update

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The parameter update block allows user to update the module's parameter value dynamically. The selected parameters are updated with the value coming from the input pins.

Input Pins

NameFormat [int/dec] - [control/audio]Function Description
Pin 0: Input Datadecimal - controlValue to be updated in the selected parameter

Output Pins


Grow Algorithm

The module support the algorithm growth up to 16. The input pin will be added for each algorithm instance and user has to select the parameter for all the algorithm instances. If parameter is not selected for any of the instance then the module will not update any parameter.


The selection of the parameter will be enabled only when the schematic compilation is completed successfully. The user can select the module for which the parameter needs to be updated. After selecting the module, the parameter within the module should be selected for which value should be updated. The value of the selected parameter will be updated with the given input value for each sample once the schematic is downloaded. User can also change the parameter selection when the schematic is downloaded. It will start updating the newly selected parameter once the parameter selection window is closed.

Parameter Selection for ADAU145x

The selection window lists the parameters of the modules used in the ADAU145x schematic. It allows user to select the parameters from DM0 or DM1.

Parameter Selection for ADAU144x

The selection window lists the parameters of the modules used in the ADAU144x schematic. It allows user to select the parameters from Coefficient or Nonmodulo data.

Parameter Selection for ADSP-SC5XX/ADSP-215xx

After adding the module. Press 'Link compile connect' once to ensure all the addresses are proper. Then click on the select button to open the following window.

GUI Control Name Default Value Range Function Description
Block Name Not ApplicableNot ApplicableName of the module in the schematic
Parameter NameNot Applicable Not ApplicableName of the parameter in the selected module.
Address0 Not ApplicableAddress of the parameter. If the user wants to enter the address directly click on the checkbox and change it
Offset0 Not Applicable This offset is added to the address, then that is used as the address to read the parameter from
Data Type float float/int Data type of the parameter.

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