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Multi-Channel Multi-Tap Delay

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The Multi Channel Multi Tap Delay cell provides a variable delay for each output from one of the selected input channel. Each input signal is called as channel and output is called as Tap. The amount of delay for each tap can be modified in real time by updating the current delay.

Input Pins

Name Format [int/dec/float] - [control/audio] Function Description
Pin 0: Input DataDec : SigmaDSPs,Float: SHARC DSPs - audio Input audio signal

Output Pins

NameFormat [int/dec] - [control/audio]Function Description
Pin 0: Output DataDec : SigmaDSPs,Float: SHARC DSPs - audioDelayed audio signal

GUI Controls

GUI Control NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
Max1 1 - (Depends on Size of the SPI RAM)This control specifies the maximum delay supported for the current instance in samples (32-bit word). Maximum value of this is calculated depends on the SPI RAM's configuration. Change in this value requires a re-compilation
Cur1 1 - MaxCurrent delay value

Grow Algorithm

The module Will support grow functionality up to 32 Inputs and 32 outputs independently and Multiple instance is supported.

DSP Parameter Information

GUI Control NameCompiler NameFunction Description
current delay MultiChMultiTapAlgS3001CurDelay0Current Delay value in bytes. (Cur * 4)
Input SelectionMultiChMultiTapAlgS3001InputIdx0Input Index Selectable

Supported ICs

  1. ADAU145x
  2. ADSP214xx
  3. ADSP213xx
  4. ADSPSC58x
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