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Dynamic Enhancement

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The Dynamic Enhancement block provides variable bass enhancement as a function of input-signal level. Lower levels require more bass than higher levels. The filter dynamically adjusts the amount of bass enhancement depending on the volume of the input signal, by using a variable-Q filter.

A fixed enhancement is applied to input levels below the threshold while a dynamic gain is applied to input levels above the threshold.

There are four parameters available for control on the block, which are described below:

Time Constant – The value for the Time Constant will be enter in the edit box or use the updown arrow to enter the value. The time constant ranges from 0 to 500 milliseconds. It controls the RMS time constant of the detector. Attack and release time will get affected by this parameter.

Threshold (dB) - The value for the Threshold will be entered in the edit box or use the updown arrows to enter the value. Threshold value ranges from -24 to -20dB . Any signal into the detector below Threshold will not influence the boost calculation and receives a fixed Enhancement.

Boost – The Boost will be control using the boost slider. The boost ranges from 0 dB to 20 dB and it controls the maximum dynamic Enhancement gain applied to the algorithm.

Bass Freq. – The Bass Frequency value will be enter in the edit box below the boost slider or using the horizontal arrows of the boost slider control. The Bass Frequency ranges from 20 to 300Hz and it designates the center frequency for the boosting filter.

Note: This is not true By-pass of input block when Boost is set to 0dB.

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