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 ======List of ICs Supported by SigmaStudio ====== ======List of ICs Supported by SigmaStudio ======
-^IC^ IC Name in SigmaStudio^Audio Primary Function|+ 
 +[[resources/​tools-software/​sigmastudio|Click here to return to the SigmaStudio and SigmaDSP Documentation top page.]] 
 +^IC^ IC Name in SigmaStudio ^ Audio Primary Function|
 |[[http://​​ad1953.html|AD1953]]| AD195x|SigmaDSP| |[[http://​​ad1953.html|AD1953]]| AD195x|SigmaDSP|
 |[[http://​​ad1954.html|AD1954]]| AD195x|SigmaDSP| |[[http://​​ad1954.html|AD1954]]| AD195x|SigmaDSP|
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